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        Long-endurance UAV System

        VTOL as Relay Station + Moving Platform Taking off and Landing

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        Rental and Mission Service

        • ABOUT EFLY

          Chongqing Efly Technology Co., Ltd. provides integrated turnkey solutions based on UAV VTOL platforms, payloads and communications for defense and civil applications.
          VTOL electric series E260 2*hrs and E25 4*hrs are electric battery powered VTOL which are for civil use while heavy fuel series M40 Pro and M50 Pro engine powered VTOL 10*hrs working time for defense applications like target tracking and positioning with special pod Laser Ranger Finder or ocean reconnaissance with moving platform taking off and landing technology autonomous operation on vessels and ships.
          Efly designs and make all the critical parts autopilots, image transmission systems data link, 3-axis photoelectric pods, RTK, visual positioning AI technology as well as VTOLs UAV by ourselves.
          Our data link ranges from 30km, 50km, 100km and 200km. We can achieve 350km video and data sending back to command center by relay VTOL plus mission VTOL working together. Our R&D team has over 15years experience in UAV defense products design which helps us customize 3-axis pod for civil use only 580g while 3kg EO&IR with 20km detect capability as well as 2.4kg EO&IR&Laser Range Finder for defense purpose. Since we design autopilot system by ourselves we can also customize and expand functions like 5*VTOLs working at the same time, multi pad view online videos and special anti-interference technology.